EDUCATE Program Introduction
In this video, orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Mohit Bhandari, Dr. Brad Petrisor, and social worker Diana Tikasz speak about the importance of intimate partner violence awareness in fracture clinics and what health care providers can do to help women victimized by abuse. They also discuss the EDUCATE program and why health care providers working in the fracture clinic should invest time to complete this program.
Recognizing and Accommodating IPV-Related Brain Injuries
In this video, we discuss IPV-related brain injuries, how they are caused, and the most common cognitive symptoms. Watch as Dierdre, an IPV survivor, shares her story and her road to recovery after suffering an IPV-related brain injury. We also provide information on how healthcare providers can accommodate individuals with traumatic brain injuries in clinical interactions.
Katherine James - Ulnar Fracture
Katherine James is a 32-year-old female presenting to the fracture clinic with an isolated midshaft ulnar fracture. She originally presented to the emergency room one week ago and now is attending the clinic for follow-up with her husband, Michael. In the ER, standard radiographs were performed and a splint was applied. According to the ER report, the injury was sustained from tripping and falling into a door. However, in actuality, the injuries were secondary to physical abuse from Michael. Watch as Dr. Brad Petrisor and Dr. Michelle Ghert broach the topic of IPV with Katherine and observe how they respond when she denies any violence.
Vanessa Miller - Humerus Fracture
Vanessa Miller is a 33-year-old female presenting to the fracture clinic for a one-week follow-up appointment after sustaining a non-displaced midshaft spiral humerus fracture. In the ER, X-rays were performed and a sling was applied. The ER report indicated that the mechanism of injury was a mechanical fall, however, the injury was actually sustained when Vanessa’s partner Ryan jerked and twisted her arm during an argument. Watch as Dr. Brad Petrisor and Dr. Michelle Ghert inquire about safety in Vanessa’s relationship based on the concerning presentation of her injury.
Megan Taylor - Scaphoid Fracture
Megan Taylor is a 28-year-old female presenting to the fracture clinic one week after sustaining a scaphoid fracture from a FOOSH while walking to work. While the injury itself was not a result of abuse, Megan is experiencing emotional abuse from her boyfriend Josh. Watch as Dr. Brad Petrisor, Dr. Michelle Ghert, and medical student Victoria McKinnon demonstrate how to routinely ask about IPV and respond to a disclosure.
Cindy Williams - Fibula Fracture
Cindy Williams is a 31-year-old female presenting to the fracture clinic with a non-displaced distal fibula fracture first diagnosed one week ago in the ER. The injury was sustained while playing soccer. She presents today to the fracture clinic to have her most recent radiographs reviewed and her leg examined. She is in a healthy relationship and feels safe at all times with her partner. Watch as Dr. Brad Petrisor, Dr. Michelle Ghert, and medical student Victoria McKinnon discuss IPV with Cindy as part of the clinic’s routine IPV inquiry.